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Sub Zero Group supplies and installs many different brands of airconditioning systems for both residential and commercial use.


Split unit air conditioners
Ducted air conditioners

Air curtains
Cassette air conditioners
Ducted air conditioners
Under-ceiling air conditioners

Servicing / Install

Aircondition Servicing 

1. High pressure chemical clean.
2. Anti-bacterial cleanse of indoor unit and filters.
3. Chemical drain flush.
4. Leak check and regass if necessary.
5. Vibration elimination.
6. Compressor efficiency test.
7. Battery Replacement of controller if necessary.
8. Sensor check.
9. Thorough cleaning of outdoor unit.
10. Making your unit run to factory specs.

Airconditioning units that are regularly serviced help prolong the lifespan of the unit itself as well as increase the efficiency of the unit to help save on energy consumption.
Make sure you and your family are well looked after by regular cleaning and replacing the air-conditioning filters to improve the air quality. 


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